About Hertz

About Hertz

Hertz has more than 100 years of presence in the Rent-A-Car field, with more than 600.000 vehicles and 7.500 points of customer service in 149 countries. In September of 1918, the 22 year old pioneer of rent-a-car vehicles, Walter L. Jacobs, started a rent a car company in Chicago. Beginning with only 10 Ford Model T cars, which he himself serviced and painted, Jacobs was able to advance rapidly and within five years achieve a yearly income of over $ 1 million.

In 1923, Jacobs sold the company to John Hertz, president of the “Yellow Cab and Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company”. Nevertheless, Jacobs remained at Hertz as a senior executive member. In 1926, the Company, under the name of Drive-Ur-Self System, passed into the hands of General Motors, after John Hertz had bought Yellow Truck.

Hertz-Autohellas, pioneer in the Greek market was established in Greece in 1962 under the name of Hertz Hellas and since then, continues to offer high quality services of international standards to its customers.

Company Profile

Autotechnica Montenegro is established in Montenegro in the beginning of 2011 by Autohellas S.A. as a HERTZ franchisee.

In a very short period company has become a significant factor in the market offering following services:

  • Rent a car
  • Operational lease
  • Fleet management
  • Used cars sales

High quality communication with clients was critical in development over the years, it has lead to improved services, which is something that the company is doing on a daily basis. This is why Autotechnica Montenegro today owns a fleet of over 500 vehicles, and is the largest rental company in the Montenegrian market. At the same time company is maintaining it’s original flexibility and ability to fulfill clients specific needs.

Autohellas S.A. with fleet of over 44.000 vehicles is the biggest national franchisee of HERTZ International in Europe, operating in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Ukraine.

A few words about Autohellas

Autohellas has been active in the automobile sector since 1974 and has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999. It is the original company and a member of the larger Th. Vassilakis Group which operates, inter alia, in the air transport industry through the listed company AEGEAN.

The main pillars on which the Group’s activities are based are:

  • Rent a Car (Renting and Operating Leasing)
  • International activities (Renting and Operating Leasing and Car Sales)
  • Car sales (Importing/Distribution/Retail)

It owns the largest private fleet of vehicles, with more than 44,000 vehicles and over 143 sales points in Greece and abroad. The Group provides integrated and innovative services meeting the needs of every customer, at any moment, and it continues to innovate, always offering new services.

As a company specialising in the provision of services, Autohellas places great importance on its human resources, which now numbers over 1,300 people and is at the core of its business.

See a brief history with the most important milestones in Autohellas history.


Vision & Values

The values of Autohellas express its philosophy, reflecting its character and mirroring the best elements in the Group’s long history. They had, have and will continue to have a central role in realising the Autohellas vision in Greece and abroad.

  • INTEGRITY: The Autohellas Group acts honestly, it respects its customers’ needs, offers advice, accepts constructive criticism and acknowledges any mistakes or omissions. It demands the highest ethical standards and quality in the services it offers.
  • RESPECT FOR PEOPLE: Our people are the driving force behind the Group’s success. Autohellas has always taken pride in treating its staff with respect and dignity, throughout its history.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Autohellas always aims at continuously improving its performance, carefully analysing its results and making sure to never compromise its integrity and respect for people.
  • TEAMWORK: Teamwork is an integral part of the Group’s corporate culture. This is why Autohellas believes that it is important to share knowledge, ideas and experiences between colleagues in order to strengthen trust.


Corporate Social Responsibility

From the first day it started operating in the Greek market in 1974, the Autohellas Group has strategically chosen to operate in a responsible manner and to take responsibility for the potential impact on all stakeholders affected by its operations. Within this context, actions are systematically undertaken aiming at:

  • The operation of the Group with respect for the environment, its employees, customers and suppliers, local communities and government authorities, as well as for the applicable legal and regulatory framework (both nationally and internationally)
  • The growth of Greek tourism
  • The promotion of the cultural heritage of Greece
  • Supporting and promoting sports
  • Supporting education
  • Supporting vulnerable social groups
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